Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | August 25, 2009

God Gives and Forgives…Man Gets and Forgets

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said:  God Gives and Forgives…man gets and forgets

Now, I’m usually not the type of person that reacts to a ‘cliche’ bumper sticker, but for some reason this one really stuck in my mind.  I started to think about this statement and how true it is.

You see God in His infinite Generosity continues to give to us and provide for us.  He gave us our houses, our cars, our jobs, our families, our health, our mental faculties, our hearing, our seeing, our hands, our feet, our hearts, etc.   I could go on and on and on about how much God has given us and never end.  As it says in the Quran if you tried to count the infinite blessings of God……you couldn’t do it!

So God, being The Generous One, gives and keeps giving while mankind…us…keep getting and getting.  But while we’re getting all these great things from God, we forget Him.  How is that?  Why is that we are so forgetful of God when He is the One that has given us everything?  How can we possibly go a week without ever thinking about Him?  Or a day?  Or even an hour?  What is it about man that is so weak that makes us forget God even though He is maintaining the beating of our hearts every second of everyday?

And yet…(and this is the good part) in our forgetfullness…if we remember Him, He remembers us.  How amazing is that!  As God says in the Quran…”Remember Me, I will Remember You”.

Stop reading for a minute and just think about the last statement.

And still…(and this is the even better part) depite our forgetfulness…if we remember Him and ask of His Forgiveness with sincerity….He still forgives us…again….and again…..and again.  What an amazing Lord we have!

So despite seeing this statement: “God Gives and Forgives…man gets and forgets” on a bumper sticker, it’s a profound one.  And it just goes to show that we can always learn more about ourselves and life in any situation and/or circumstance.  Even while staring at the back of a dingy, old, beat up car at a red light.

Til’ next time….



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