Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | September 8, 2009

You Are With Me Always

As I was driving around town today halfway across the world from my family, friends and most everyone I know in this world, I realized that not a single soul on the face of the Earth knew where I was.  I was overcome with two very opposite emotions when I realized this.  At first I felt a sadness…a kind of loneliness…knowing that if anything were to happen to me at that moment there was no one there who recognized me or knew anything about me at all.  This feeling of loneliness is something very strange to me, because I have only felt this way once previously in my life.  My life has been full of wonderful people, family and friends that have always been around me to support and care for me.  But there I was driving around this new place.…alone and unknown. 

But then another feeling overcame me….a feeling of happiness.  How I could jump from sadness to happiness just like that, you might ask.  Well it was for several reasons.  At first, it was because I remembered one of the beautiful names of God, which is al-Qareeb, the One Who is Near.  As I was driving in my car, listening to the recitation of the Quran in my CD player, I was smiling because even though no one in the world knew where I was and even though out of the 1.5 million people in this city 1,499,998 people wouldn’t even recognize me if they did see me, I was overcome with the knowledge that Al-Qareeb was Close to me.  I felt joy in knowing that it didn’t really matter that no one knew where I was or who I was, I was totally content with the fact that Allah knew where I was and who I was.  And that was enough for me. 

Which then, reminded me of another one of Allah’s beautiful names, al-Kaafee, the One Who is Sufficient for us.  Realizing that truly Al-Kaafee was enough to fill my heart with joy and peace at this moment brought tears down my cheeks driving through a city alone halfway across the world from everyone I know.

I am truly grateful to have God with me even when know one else is.  I am at peace knowing that I will never be alone in this world…..knowing that You are with me always.



  1. You are not alone….I am here with you…Though we’re far apart…you’re always in my heart =)

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