Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | September 13, 2009

Noah’s Eyes

Noah is a man who most would consider to be “a good Mulsim”.  He prays five times a day, fasts in Ramadan and sometimes outside of Ramadan; he gives his zakah every year and a lot of sadaqa as well; basically he does what is required of him and much more.   But Noah has a spiritual problem that he just can’t seem to solve.  Something that has been bothering him for a long time, but he just can’t seem to overcome.  His eyes are dry.

You see, like any good Muslim out there Noah has read a lot about the life of the Prophet (peach be upon him) and the lives of the Companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with them) and seeks to be like them.  In his studies, Noah found many instances in which the prophet (pbuh) and the companions were said to be crying during their acts of worship.  Whether it was in prayer or in solitude, when it came to the worship of Allah, even the strongest warriors amongst them broke down in tears.  The tears would flow to the extent that their beards were soaked from them.   He also read about how the Prophet (pbuh) used to seek refuge with Allah from an eye that didn’t weep.  This got Noah thinking about himself and about where he stood with Allah.

Noah became concerned.  “Why haven’t I ever cried in my worship” he asked himself?  He immediately began to make excuses…”I’m just not the crying type” he told himself.  “I’ve never cried while watching a movie…I’ve never cried when I’ve had difficulties my wife or my family…. man, I barely shed a tear when one of my friends died…I’m just not a crier.”

So he seemed satisfied with his reasoning and went back on with his life.  But way deep down inside his heart Noah was still concerned.  Outwardly he made excuses but inwardly he knew that there was a reason the companions and the prophet (pbuh) cried in their worship and whatever caused them to cry, he didn’t have it.   But unfortunately, as is the case in most of our lives, s oon he stopped thinking about the issue and he went on about living his life as usual.

Fast forward a couple of years to the beginning of Sha’ban.  Noah was thinking about the upcoming month of Ramadan and wanted to evaluate himself and what he needed to do to make sure that this Ramadan would be his best.  He thought about all the extra good deeds that he wanted to do during Ramadan…he wanted to give extra charity, he wanted to sponsor iftaars at the masjid, he wanted to pray qiyam ul-layl every night at least a a few raka’ahs and he wanted to……uh……well…… uh………no……..not again…………….his problem popped back in his mind……he also wanted to weep during his worship.

The concerns he had and the desire to get better suddenly came rushing back.  This time however, rather than making excuses he decided that he was going to do whatever he could to try and make it a reality.  Even though he wasn’t the crying type, he was going to emulate the prophet (pbuh) and the companions and weep during his worship.

He immediately did something right at that moment that changed his life forever.   He just got on his knees, faced the qibla, raised his hands and started talking to Allah.

He asked Allah to help Him. He asked Allah to make him better, and he asked Allah to bless him to have eyes that would weep anytime he remembered Him.  This caused a feeling in him that he never felt before and realized it was because this time he really meant it!  He said it with a heart full of sincerity.

The next day is when a major breakthrough occurred!   While Noah was reading Quran that afternoon, he came across a verse that described the true believers as those who when they remembered Allah their hearts trembled.  Subhanallah!!  Suddenly, he understood his problem and the solution to his problem!

He understood that the problem wasn’t his dry eyes….the problem was his heart.

So Noah set out to correct his heart.  He spent days and nights identifying the sins that he was committing that caused his heart to become hard.  He spent hours upon hours in prostration begging Allah to clean his heart and forgive him of his sins.  He spent hours raising his hands asking Allah to fill his heart with Noor (Light) and remove the dirt of his sins from it.  He did this for several weeks after which he finally got his wish.

On a cool and peaceful night, during one of the last ten nights of Ramadan, Noah was in the masjid praying Witr in jama’ah (congregation) when it happened.

As the sheikh was making dua, he started to recite the names and attributes of Allah with his beautiful melodic voice:

Ya Rahman (O Most Merciful), Ya Allah,

Ya Raheem (O Most Compassionate), Ya Allah,

Ya Maalik (O King/Owner/Master), Ya Allah,

Ya Quddus (O Pure One), Ya Allah,

Ya Salam (O Granter of Peace), Ya Allah,

Ya Mumin (O Granter of Security), Ya Allah

And when the imam recited the name:

Ya Noor (O Enlightener), Ya Allah

Noah thought about how much he begged Allah to fill his heart with noor (light) and he thought about how much his heart had changed in the last few weeks.………..and that’s when it finally occurred………Noah’s dam finally broke.

Thirty years of built up tears came rolling down in waves.  He cried and cried and cried that night……

And the tears haven’t stopped since.

This happened during Ramadan of 1995.

I ask Allah to soften our hearts.

And I ask Allah to make us all people who have moist eyes in the remembrance and worship of Him.



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