Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | September 26, 2009

Life’s Simple Equations

Oftentimes life seems overwhelming.  The pressures of work, family, school, business etc. take their toll on us and cause us to view life as exhausting and overpowering.  It leaves us with little left in our spirits and breaks our passion for life.

This is how I used to view life in the past, until I learned some simple…….what I like to call some simple “Life Equations”.  There are some general equations in life that if we believe in and follow, they will make what is seemingly an overwhelming and complicated life into one that is simple, clear and purposeful.

Before I mention these equations I would just like to apologize beforehand for my lack of mathematical prowess.  If my whole understanding of what an equation even is….is incorrect….then please excuse me and correct me.

So here are some of life’s simple equations:

Human Being + Faith = A Life of Tests

Whenever a human being decides to live his or her life with faith/imaan, their life automatically changes.  One of the God’s principles that He has established on this earth is that the faithful will be tested and to be a person of faith requires that you go through tests in order to 1 – See who is truthful in their faith; and 2 – strengthen your faith.

Throughout the history of mankind the righteous and faithful amongst the people have been tested; with the equation being inverted….ie. the more faith one has = the more difficult the tests of life.

Therefore when the individual who has faith goes through hard times in work, family, business, school etc. they realize that these are merely tests and if they pass the tests, they will be strengthened through them.

That is why the best attitude to have in life is to simply say……All Praise is due to God in all circumstances/situations.

Which leads me to the second of Life’s Simple Equations

Patience & Prayer = Success

Now that we understand that the difficulties in life are merely tests for the faithful, then the next step for us to take in order to pass those tests is to remain patient and prayerful.   It is through patience and prayer that we attain success in this life.

Do Good = Live Happy;      Do Bad = Live Sad

The third of Life’s Simple Equations is probably the simplest to understand yet the hardest to always follow.

Throughout life we are presented with a series of options…..Option A is typically the east option…..the get rich quick option….the I want my cake and eat it too NOW option……but it is also usually the Bad option.  Meaning you have to do something morally wrong to take Option A.

Then there’s Option B ….which is typically the more difficult option…’s the maybe get kind of rich in the long term option……the I’ll look at the cake through the window right now, have enough to buy a slice to share with me and my family in a year and then hopefully at some point in the future be able to buy the cake and eat it too option.  And that’s usually the morally right option.

The options that we choose to follow will define our lives.  I repeat, the options that we choose to follow will define who we are.  We may think or believe one thing, but if our actions are stating otherwise…….how does the saying go……something about actions speaking louder than words.

The really fascinating thing about all this is that happiness is inherently tied to this equation.  Our happiness in this life is linked to doing good and living in a morally good way.  People can argue against this all they want…..but it’s in our DNA….it’s how we’re built.  If we look back at our lives and see that we’ve almost always taken Option A, then I’m willing to bet that we’re not very happy people… least not in our current state.

Don’t get me wrong though…….we all choose Option A from time to time.  As our happiness is inherently linked to doing good, so too is being mistake-prone a part of our inherent nature.  The sons and daughters of Adam are by nature forgetful and prone to falling into error.

So how do we reconcile those two things?  How do we reconcile having our happiness inherently tied to our doing good, yet our nature is to fall into error and do bad things?

The answer is quite simple and it’s Life Equation number 4

Repentance = Erasing Our Mistakes

When we do inevitably fall into error, the only recompense we have is repentance.  The only way to try and repair the damage that we’ve done is to go back to the Creator and seek his forgiveness from our erring ways.  If and only if we do that, we will surely find Our Lord, Our Master to be the Most Forgiving.

Which leads me to the final and most important of Life’s Simple Equations; for without the understanding and belief of this one extremely simple equation…..human beings are completely at a loss.

God = 1

When the human being comes to understand that there is and can only be One True God, his or her life comes full circle.  I have met countless individuals whose lives were a complete mess until they came to this initial understanding that God is and can only be One.

Once the human being establishes this concept of believing in One God firm in his or her heart and they come to the realization that the entire purpose of our lives is to worship Him and do good, that is when they find peace and satisfaction in their lives.  The ironic thing about that, is that God will not Guide them to this understanding if and until they humble themselves and ask for His Divine Guidance to the truth.  And when they do turn in sincerity to their Lord and ask Him to Guide them to what is true in life, He does exactly that.  He guides them and blesses them to understand the rest of Life’s Simple Equations.

I pray that God gives all of us understanding, peace and happiness in this life and the next.



  1. i like this life talk

    nice blog posts mashaAllah

  2. This is my favorite one of your posts. Better than any of the journals we wrote in your class 😛

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