Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | October 10, 2009

The World’s Greatest Battle

Judging from the title you might think that this post is about a world renowned historic battle…like Thermopylae, or Qaadisiyyah, or one of the epic battles during the Crusades, or maybe even one of Napoleon’s conquests…but it’s not.

This post is about the world’s greatest battle.  It is a battle that takes place in every corner of the world.  It is a battle that rages on continuously every day and night; and it is a battle that has impacted every single human being who has ever existed since the creation of Adam and Eve.

The world’s greatest battle is the internal battle of the souls of mankind.

Each of every single one of us is in a battle on a daily basis.  Our battleground is not some foreign land, but our very own hearts.  Our enemies are not soldiers of an army or occupying power, rather they are:

1)    shaytaan (satan) and

2)    our own selves.

Shaytaan comes after us through the power of suggestion.  He’s been in the game for thousands of years and he is a master at deceiving us.  He whispers to us (not literally) and suggests things to us that seem pleasurable and desirable.  He tries to create sparks within our lower selves and wants us to turn those sparks into flames.  He is committed and extremely purposeful; and his entire existence is dedicated to pulling us away from God.  He wants nothing more than to see us follow our every whim and desire and do as we wish rather than as God wishes.

Like any enemy, we must be wary of him and seek Allah’s (God) Protection against him and his suggestions.

The other enemy in this great battle is actually our selves.  As all of us are well aware, we have both good and evil within us.  We have the potential to both save the world and to destroy it.  We can let our compassion; love and kindness lead us towards spending our days helping our fellow man, or we can let our greed, jealousy and anger lead us towards hurting them.

The choice is ultimately ours.  Do we follow the powerful suggestions of satan and heed the call of our lower selves?  Or do we live our lives with God Consciousness and seek to appeal to our higher selves?

Again, the choice is ours.

Lastly, to have a legitimate chance of winning any battle, we need weapons at our disposal.  Here are some weapons of choice for those who decide to live their lives on a higher plane:

  1. Remembrance of God
  • Allah says in the Quran “….verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest/ease/tranquility.”

2. Prayer

  • Allah says in the Quran that prayer wards off evil and doing bad.            We have to make sure that we are focused and sincere in our prayers

3. Patience

  • Allah says in the Quran that he is with those that are patient; therefore we can never lose a battle in which Allah is on our side.

I ask an Naasir (The One Who Helps) and al Mustaa’n (The One Who Aids) to help us be successful in the battle against shaytaan and the battle within our own hearts & souls.



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