Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | December 5, 2009

When Life Hands You Lemons…

I love great quotes; I love to ponder upon the great sayings and statements made by writers, politicians, philosophers, religious teachers etc.  I like them so much in fact , that I actually have a folder on my computer which is solely a collection of them.  Great statements cause us to think about many aspects of our lives on a much deeper level.  I, like you all, have memorized many of these statements and have turned to them for inspiration and guidance throughout my life.

Recently, this famous statement (I’m not quite sure who said it) has been stuck in my mind:  “When life hands you lemons…make lemonade”.  We’ve all heard this quote and we all understand what it means, but when you’re actually going through a difficult time period in your life, this quote can be so inspiring.

Life will hand all of us lemons from time to time.  We’ll face problems and tests along the way that we could never have imagined happening to us and that really throw us for a loop.  But the quote makes it so simple to deal with these problems and tests when they occur…just make lemonade i.e. turn a bad thing into a good thing.  Make a potentially disastrous situation into one that can actually be beneficial for you.

A great quote made by the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was when he said “Rejoice, for verily everything that happens to a believer is good.  When something good befalls him (her), he is thankful; and when something bad befalls him (her), he is patient.”  (may not be a perfect translation as the original quote was in Arabic)

These profound words bring such comfort and serenity to the heart when it is at its most vulnerable and sad state.  No matter what happens to us in life, if we believe in God and His Teachings… it’s all good.  Even when something bad happens to us, if we remain patient, we usually realize much later on why God placed that test in our path.  We realize why we went through that difficult situation and what we learned by going through it that we couldn’t have learned had we not gone through it.  Some of the greatest lessons in life that I’ve learned have come under difficult and trying circumstances.  Also, some of the most reflective times of my life have been when I’ve been tested the most.

Another saying that also helps me in times of difficulty is found in the Quran when God says: “…Verily, with every difficulty there comes ease, with every difficulty there comes ease.”  So God tells us twice consecutively in order to stress the point that life has its difficulties, but those times are always followed by a time period of ease.

So whenever I have faced difficulties in my life, I have tried to keep steady in my consciousness, these great and profound statements; and they have always provided me with inspiration and helped me to maintain my serenity through the most difficult times.

So what are the statements that help you get through the rough spots in your life?  Please share some of them so that we can all benefit God Willing.

I pray that God always helps us to remember to make lemonade when life hands us lemons.



  1. Great post. I love collecting quotes myself 🙂 Here are some that have really inspired me,

    “Give so much time for the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others.” Christian.D.Larson

    “Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”
    Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

    “Everybody wants to save the world, but nobody wants to help mom with the night’s dishes” Unknown.

  2. Those are some great quotes and I’ve only heard one of them before. Thanks for sharing…I’m adding them to my collection!

  3. Beautiful. Thank you.

  4. You are very welcome! All praise and thanks is due to God.

  5. “Every son of Adam is a sinner, but the best of sinners is the one who repents”

  6. “throughout life people will make you mad,
    disrespect you and treat you bad,
    let God deal with the things they do,
    because hate in your heart will consume you too”

    “This life is not real. I conquered the world and it did not bring me satisfaction..”
    -Mohammad Ali

    people are often unreasonable,
    irrational and self-centered;
    forgive them anyway.
    if you are kind,
    people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives;
    be kind anyway.
    if you are successful,
    you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies;
    succeed anyway.
    if you are honest and sincere
    people may deceive you;
    be honest and sincere anyway.
    what you spend years creating
    others could destroy overnight;
    create anyway.
    if you find serentiy and happiness,
    some may be jealous;
    be happy anyway.
    the good you do today,
    will often be forgotten;
    do good anyway.
    give the best you have,
    and it may never be enough;
    give your best anyway.
    You see, in the final analysis,
    it is between you and god;
    it was never between you and them anyway.
    -Mother Teresa

  7. Mashallah! That quote by Mothera Teresa is profound! Thanks so much for sharing all of the quotes.

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