Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | March 24, 2010

After 33 years…My Invitation Has Finally Arrived

For years I’ve been listening to amazing stories from people who have gone to visit the House of Allah in Makkah and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina; tales of incredible courage, persistence and patience.  I have heard about the almost 60 year old man from Chechnya who rode his bike all the way to Makkah.  I have heard accounts of the enormous number of senior citizens who labor through their physical limitations in order to fulfill their religious obligations.   And I have heard of the poverty stricken individuals who saved day in and day out for years just to one day get a chance to view the Ka’bah with their own eyes.

For me, there has been one constant throughout all the years and all the amazing accounts told to me; I have only stories, yet no experiences to share of my own.  I listened in awe, sat in admiration, and have even been brought to tears by these powerful anecdotes, yet I could never respond with one of my own because I had never received the invitation; that is….until now.

They say that no one actually goes to the House of Allah; rather they are invited by Allah himself and merely accept His Divine Summons.  After 33 years of waiting, it seems as though inshallah my Evite (so-to speak) has finally come.  I am scheduled to go to Makkah tomorrow.

Tonight, as I tried on my ihraam for the first time in preparation of my journey; I looked in the mirror and saw myself in the two white sheets that I have dreamed of wearing all these years; and it finally hit me.  I’m going to see the Ka’bah.  I could no longer control it…..I started to weep uncontrollably.

  • I ask that you please make dua on my behalf that nothing should go wrong before I go to Makkah or on my way there.
  • I ask that you all also please forgive me if I have ever offended, insulted or hurt you in any way, shape or form.
  • I thank Al Kareem (the Most Generous) for giving this amazing opportunity.
  • Ya Dhul Jalale wal Ikram, allow the mu’mineen who have not gone to your House yet, the ability to do so.
  • I ask Al Fattah (the Opener) to open the doors of jannah for me, my family and all the Muslimeen.
  • I ask Allah to accept my Umrah, my good deeds and my duas.
  • I ask Al Ghafaar to forgive all the sins I’ve committed in my life up to this point.
  • I ask Ar Rahmaan to shower me, my family and the ummah of Rasulullah (salallahu a’layhiwasalam)  with His Infinite Mercy and grant us Goodness in this life and everlasting bliss in the next.




  1. May Allah accept all of your du’aa, and especially the ones you make for me 🙂

    • Ameen 🙂

      I definitely won’t forget you, Chad and the rest of your family in my dua. How could I? You guys are unforgettable…Mashallah!

  2. aww that’s great br. adnan!

    you should def try al tazaj over there. great food but long lines. oh and make sure you don’t stuff yourself or all hell is loose 🙂

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