Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | April 23, 2010

An Epiphany Regarding Nature

Oftentimes in life, you have to stop and just count your blessings.  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be in two of the most blessed places on the face of the Earth; Mecca and Medina.  While I was in Medina I was fortunate to take a tour of the city with a very special brother.   He is an alumnus of the University of Medina and he moved to the city and began his religious studies at the tender age of 17.   This post is not about him, although I could write pages and pages of his special qualities, rather it is about something profound that he taught me during our tour.

At a certain point in the tour, he stopped the car and we were outside of Medina in a small area that was completely surrounded by mountains.  It was an absolutely beautiful and completely serene place.  We stood there staring at the mountains for a few minutes and I began to share with him my love for nature.  I told him about my fondness for traveling and being in places surrounded by nature, and he shared the same passion as me.  And that’s when my epiphany occurred.

He explained that the peace that all humans feel when surrounded by the natural world was due to the fact that they are surrounded by God’s creation; and that all of God’s creation remember Him and sing His praises.  He quoted the following verse from the Quran:

“The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein, glorify Him (God) and there is not a thing but glorifies His Praise.  But you understand not their glorification.  Truly, he is The Forbearing/Tolerant, The Oft-Forgiving.”   (Surah al Isra 17:44)

The brother went on to explain that the peace we feel when in nature is because we are surrounded by God’s creation praising Him, but we don’t understand how they’re praise occurs.  And when we are surrounded by nature’s praise and we ourselves are sitting and praising God, then we are in complete harmony and peace.   Us and everything around us is fulfilling its purpose on this earth; to worship and praise God; and that leads to peace and harmony in our souls and on the earth.

He went on to speak of how the land of the earth itself is affected by the good or bad of the people that are upon it.  If the people of the land are good worshippers of God and do good in the world, then that land is blessed with goodness, but if the people of the land are not doing good in this life and are not worshipping God, then the land itself loses its barakah (blessings) and it becomes more and more barren.

Subhanallah!  What insight!  I wrote in an earlier post how God blesses some people with something called ‘Baseera’ or a profound insight into life itself.  And I can safely say that this brother, although he’s less than 30 years of age, definitely has been blessed with this insight.

So that was my epiphany.  Now anytime that I go into nature, I will remember this verse from the Quran and I will recognize that everything around me is singing the praises of God; and I will understand that I don’t know exactly how that is happening; except to be sure that it is happening all around me.

My travels will never be the same.  Barakallahufeek Jameel.  You too can take his tour at:

I ask Al Kareem to bless that brother and his family immensely in this life and the next.

I ask Al Kareem to be Generous with all of us in this life and the next.

I ask al Baseer to give us all Baseera in this life and allow us to live only for His Pleasure.

I ask al Ghafaar to forgive our sins and allow us to enter his Paradise.



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