Posted by: adeepershadeofsoul | July 20, 2010

It’s Not About the People

If you just read my last post, then you’re probably confused by this title…how exactly do I go from it’s all about people to it’s not about the people?  Let me explain.

It’s all about helping people but….there’s an even greater goal than that; a goal that lies at the heart of everything that we do in life….a goal that if we attain, we will have attained everything.

And that ultimate goal is to gain the pleasure of mercy of Allah (God).  Most of the world’s greatest people didn’t spend their lives serving others just to be good people; rather they understood their purpose in life and knew that through their service of others, they could fulfill that purpose.  One path to God’s forgiveness can be found through the service of other human beings for His sake.  There is a famous story of a prostitute who one day saw a thirsty dog and rather than ignoring it and walking away decided to fetch it some water; and it was that seemingly minor act that paved her path to paradise.  So, if quenching the thirst of a thirsty dog yields that lofty a result, what about constantly and consistently helping improve the lives of human beings?  What about quenching the thirst of a man or woman, or feeding the empty stomach of a child?

God is far more Generous than what we can ever imagine Him to be.

So at the end of the day it’s all about the people, but it’s not about the people.  It’s about pleasing God through the service of humankind.

I ask that Al Haadi (The One Who Guides) guides us on the straight path.

I ask that Al Kareem (The Most Generous) blesses us to be generous individuals with our wealth and time.

I ask Ar Rahmaan (The Most Merciful) to shower His Infinite Mercy upon us in this life and the next.



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